Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this more expensive than bringing my car to the service center? No, service valet is free within the DC area. And there is no mark-up for work done. 
  • How do I know that my car is being well taken care of? All service is done by technicians certified by the manufacturer using manufacturer parts.  For example, if your car is a Jeep, it’s taken to a Jeep dealership. We will send you confirmation letting you know where it’s going and you’ll have your own service advisor.
  • Will I be able to control what work is done to my car? A service advisor or technician gets your approval before doing any work? 
  • Is it safe? This is the safest way to take care of your car. We are providing free germ baths on all vehicles. It kills 99% of all germs in your car. We practice social-distancing during pick-up and return and our drivers wear masks, gloves, and do a last wipe down before returning the vehicle.  
  • Do you accept warranty work? Yes. As certified dealers, we can provide warranty work paid for by the manufacturer or warranty carrier for all brands.