Protecting Our Team

Our highest priority is the health and safety of our team and their families. This is the right thing to do. It also ensures that we’re treating our clients with the same level of safety. 

We’re taking the following steps to protect our team and our clients while still serving our community with what have been declared essential services in Maryland, Virgina, and the District of Columbia.  

Guided by CDC recommendations, we’re adjusting our operations in these key ways.

  • Social Distancing: Maintaining six-foot distance at all times with both staff and clients. Having no more than 10 clients in a store at one time and reducing the number of staff in any store at any one time. 
  • Going Virtual: We’ve moved internal meetings and all possible client interactions to Zoom or other video or audio calls.  
  • Sending people home: Anyone who feels any symptoms, has heightened risk of exposure is required to stay at home. Anyone who simply feels uncomfortable or is needed to support their family is able to take time off. Everyone who can is working at home. 
  • Disinfecting vehicles and dealerships: Before and after anyone gets in a vehicle, we’re using alcohol-based cleaners to wipe down surfaces including keys, door handles, steering wheel, gear shift, light switch, windshield wiper switch, touch screen. Our drivers wear disposable gloves. We’re deep cleaning dealerships every day and wiping down surfaces between visits and providing disinfectant for our staff and clients. 
  • Creating resilience: To reduce overlap between people and allow us to respond and contain any possible exposure, we’ve broken our store teams into small pods. These pods work independently without overlap. If there is a heightened risk with an individual, we can remove the entire pod from the store to contain the risk.